Terms of Service

Each order placed is a legally enforceable contract. Failure to pick up an order still requires full order payment.  We reserve the right to turn off any account's ability to order if they are more than 30 days behind in their account payments.  An account will be turned back on once payments are received and processed.

As stated in our Refund Policy we aim to provide only the best produce to our customers. We take care when packing and processing our produce, however there are times when items may have been forgotten or damaged in transport. If you have not received an item invoiced or something has been damaged we are happy to provide a credit or replace the product (if possible). Please contact our Distribution Coordinator at or 778.228.9566.

All totes, flats and other reusable containers used to deliver produce are property of Sole Food Farms and must be returned in the same condition they were received. We encourage everyone to unpack their order when delivered into their own containers and bins. Any lost or damaged totes, flats, or other reusable containers will incur a $10 replacement per item lost or damaged.